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We take pride in our Korean expertise and knowledge to provide professional cleaning, colouring and coating services for luxury bags, shoes and wallets. Dr.Bags have perfected our own unique techniques, cleaning agents and tools to ensure they are always safe, gentle and effective on delicate fabrics and leathers such as lambskin leather, suede and even silk.

To date, we have managed to revive, revitalize and restore countless bags and shoes, much to the delight of their owners. Read more at our REVIEW page for honest testimonials from customers who have tried our services.
Check out our Before/After Gallery for unedited photos of amazing transformation done with our DeepCleanse cleaning regime and ColourPro colouring services.

Using ground-breaking Korean technology, chemicals and techniques, Dr.Bags provides the best care and maintenance for your luxury bags, shoes and wallets!

Dr.Bags – The Trusted Aesthetics Clinic for your Designer Bags.

  • Protect new bags with Dr.Bags HP Protection Coating – Opt for our cutting-edge, invisible waterproof silicone coating on new bags to prevent damage and stains from water and minor abrasions for up to 8 months.
  • Maintain and Restore used bags – Deep-clean, sanitize, and restore bags to remove minor stains or try ColourPro Touch-up services to fill in minor scratches and scuff marks.
  • Overhaul and recolor older bags – If your bag is old and completely discolored, you can get them touched up so they look newer – or get them recolored to a completely different shade!