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Sherlyn Chan’s Experience With Dr.Bags

Having something around for a long time can result in one turning a blind eye to its flaws. But to the public eye and the detailed eye, these flaws can be conspicuous. When I first brought my ailing Prada Lux Tote to Dr. Bags to be treated, I was well aware of what needed to be fixed. My bag was then discoloured, had pen stains, flyaway thread, serious wear and tear. However, during my consultation, more issues were highlighted to me […]

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They managed to clean all marks off my bags and made them look like brand new! Very satisfied. Thanks!
Ms. Rachel Kong, satisfied United Square customer
Very pleasant and professional staff. Will bring in more bags to Dr.Bags. Thank you Raine, you’re great!
Ms. Rosalind Yeoh, satisfied United Square customer
Satisfied with Dr.Bags services? Yes!! Very happy!
Jamie Ng, satisfied Dr.Bags@myVillage customer
My bag looks new, with a renewed lease of life!
Sum Pek Kee, satisfied United Square customer
It’s 300% above expectations! Thank you for reviving my bag to brand-new state. Appreciate it!
Rei, United Square satisfied customer
Staff are very knowledgable and polite and never fail to give suggestions or advice on what types of cleaning packages are most suitable.
Adrian Tan, satisfied United Square customer