Having something around for a long time can result in one turning a blind eye to its flaws.

But to the public eye and the detailed eye, these flaws can be conspicuous. When I first brought my ailing Prada Lux Tote to Dr. Bags to be treated, I was well aware of what needed to be fixed. My bag was then discoloured, had pen stains, flyaway thread, serious wear and tear. However, during my consultation, more issues were highlighted to me.

I learnt that the weight of my belongings had caused pressure dents and marks on my bag, resulting in the loss of structure. I was also brought to the attention of leaking glue stains, scratches, undone stitching, colour oxidisation and some stubborn stains. Who knew time and usage could do so much harm to a presumably sturdy bag?

I left my bag in the good hands of Dr. Bags.

When I returned a month later, I was surprised at the mint condition of my bag. It now has a glossy lustre to it and clearly looks revived. The starkest change is that of its colour. Dr. Bags worked its magic and fixed the discolouration of my bag, bringing back the original colour that I once fell in love with at Knightsbridge in London.

All the gold hardware – handle loops, zipper etc. – have a newfound twinkle in them. Best of all, the structure of my bag is now taut when previously, it was akin to an old lady slouching languidly, completely deflated and void of character.

I walked out of Dr. Bags that day feeling exactly like the day in fall at Knightsbridge’s Prada.

Seasons change and so do tastes.

I first laid my hands on my Miu Miu Vitello Lux Bow Bag in my early adulthood. As I inch towards the big-3, I now find myself more inclined to neutral tones. No longer do I squeal over the sweetest of pink, no matter how muted it is.

Living in Singapore has done much harm to the leather of my bag. The humidity and heat here has caused it to discolour at an alarming pace. To make matters worse, it being a light-coloured bag makes visible stains remarkably obvious.

Although this bag is always my first choice when it comes to comfort (due to the softness of its leather), it’s the bag I was more embarrassed about. It made me look like a negligent bag owner.

At my Dr. Bags consultation, I was recommended to give my bag a new lease of colour.

What? Change the colour of my bag? Really? Those were the questions running through my mind. What if I regret? But Ipaid so much for this bag in the first place! This is the colour I loved. I chose this.

But as those questions were causing me to falter, my bag with its numerous stains and severe discolouration seemed to be egging me on for change. So I took the plunge. I was presented with a colour chart that dazed me. The possibilities were close to infinite. I narrowed the choices down to more neutral colours.

In the end, I picked grey.

Honestly, I left Dr. Bags that day with a heavy and apprehensive heart. I was afraid I had made the wrong choice and there was no turning back. Yet, I asked myself if I could live with all the stains and the answer was no. I was between a rock and a hard place.

When I returned to Dr. Bags and first saw my bag, I took an exceptionally long time to develop a sentiment towards it. Though the new colour is darker, it possesses a certain vigour. I thought to myself – Hey, that’s my new baby elephant.

Now, it looks newer than ever. I’m amazed at how immaculately well it has been coloured. Even the threads have been coloured to match the new leather. The gold hardware has more contrast against the leather. There are zero stains, and best of all, the softness of the leather has been retained. It feels pillow-y and cloud-like. I absolutely love it.

Every girl has a bag that is the one. Mine is my Chanel Classic Flap Bag.

It’s my worn-to-death bag and my till-death-do-us-part bag.

Despite being the bag I look after the best, it still sustained stains. I admit that I’ve carried it while wearing denim quite a few times because both pair so well together. Because of the colour transference from my jeans, the back of my flap bag was badly stained. Other areas of wear and tear included the corners and leather in contact with the chain.

What I’m most pleased about is Dr. Bag’s signature HP coating.

It’s a coating for the whole bag to protect it from the negative effects of climate (humidity, acid rain etc.), scratches, stains (oil, coffee, jeans etc.), oxidisation, mould and fungus. Even if I were to pour a cup of wine all over my Chanel, it would be protected. Why didn’t I know about this earlier?

Now that I’ve tasted the goodness of HP coating, I’m going to ensure that all my bags are HP coated, especially the new ones. Prevention is always better than cure! With HP coating, I can pair my bags with denim guilt-free.